Identify brakes type

(Piotr) #1

Can You tell if Mk1 below has drums or disc brakes basing just on this rear left wheel picture ?
I’m still ahead of it’s shipment, will be weeks until I find out myself, and it’s eating me :slight_smile:

(peter balls) #2

Hello LesioQ.
If your car is a 3.4, and has the cutaway spats as shown, there is every chance it has disc brakes.
The drum braked cars normally have full spats. The spats may have been changed of course.
Do you know the chassis number?
Peter B.

(Piotr) #3

For now I only have the one above the battery.
This IS a LHD/RHT 3.4 automatic, but no triangle on rear bumper (disc warning).

(peter balls) #4

MK 1 did not haxe the disc warning on the rear bumper.
The number shown is the body number, chassis number is stamped in
the bonnet catch panel at the front of the car.
Peter B.

(Piotr) #5

Finally got my id plate numbers and some more pictures. It is 1958 and … disc brakes !
Rust pictured will come as a bundle :slight_smile: