Identifying a Mark 2 correctly

I probably shouldn’t say this, as we’re on Jag-lovers, so I’ll just whisper it what about a Daimler 2.5V8/250??
I had one, loved the sound it made, and great cruising motor. Quicker than a 2.4, and if you manage to find a manual car….:open_mouth:
Also less likely to have had wide boy owners!

Goes like a 2.4, drinks like a 3.8! But they have their adherents, and I believe even the Jaguar engineers tasked with fitting it into the Mk2 shell were impressed. Better handling and lighter steering were benefits of the lighter weight V8. Plenty available too, and generally cheaper than the bigger Jags as well. Worth considering.

Had one as well, the brothers had cooper ‘S’ mufflers on………even better sound.

Hi Kevin. I’ve had some IT difficulties with the site at this end so the delayed response. This car is fantastic. A credit to you. I have now purchased a Mark 2 3.4 auto.

Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it. Post some pics.