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Dear Jag-Lovers,
I have a 1970 2+2 and working on the electrical in the dash. The only thing I can’t figure out is the relay that is located between the two fuse blocks. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

By the way this is Alf sending this request for help.

On my 69 Series 2 that is the relay for the hazard flashers.

I assume this is a later coupe, and this relay is for the rear window heater.

John North

The color codes on the wires are consistent with it being for the heated rear window, namely 2 Black/White wires, one Red wire, and one Red/Brown. It is not the hazard relay, though I don’t know where yours is. On the OTSs (which have no heated rear window), the socket for the hazard relay spans the hole in the bulkhead just above where your relay is.

Thanks so much for your replies. This is a 1970 2+2 coupe and it does have a rear window defroster. I will check both of these suggestions out.

Thanks so much

Alf, it is helpful for those replying to have your car identified in your profile You can do this by clicking the T at the top right, click the thing that looks vaguely like a person, select preferences, then profile. You will see there a place to put a pic, ID your country and your car(s). Fill in as much as you want to reveal. We will be able to see these by clicking on your name when you post.

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It’s the nasty rear window relay. The relay, believe it or not, doesn’t even control the rear window element. What it actually controls is the yellow indicator light on the dashboard: it dims it at night. I’ve put up a page to document this particularly epic bit of weirdness:

Actually, your emergency flasher should be immediately to the right of this relay. It appears to be missing. That little hole is where the socket should be screwed in.

My mistake for looking at the picture on my phone. That is not the hazard relay as most other folks have already told you.

Thanks to you all,
You have been the most helpful. My Hazard flasher is hanging under dash at the moment, but now I know where it will go. I’ve never restored a car before but it’s been a lot of fun. You folks have always been there for me and you’ve helped make this happen. I’m excited and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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