If Only This Had Been a Thing...!

Apparently, one of Sir Williams mockups.

There’s more mock-ups on the page this is probably from. Note how they basically just cut some of the rear off.
I like it, but I prefer the final XJ.

Yes Paul,

Sir William initially thought about piggybacking on the E type rage, but then - rightly, I think - considered that this was going to be a 4-door coupé - something that was going to be invented only 60 years later, after full size sedans had grown into mid-size trucks - while the market needed a respectable sedan.

The thing that really strikes me is that doors, glass and roof must have been ready for production while they were still trying out overall designs that seem totally different. BTW, this car must have been clearly +5m of length despite the SWB chassis. Couldn’t anyone just morph this front end with the SI rear end? I love these Maserati lines, the fin-like bumper and the air scoop on the hood.

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75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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Here’s more! :slightly_smiling_face: love the prototyping. They clearly had a brilliant approach with the long E, but the final product is much improved. Shorter and cleaner. The E front is definitely prettier, and even though there is more boot space in the final, I much prefer the smooth finish… but they kept a lot of the aesthetics and did right. Same on the 420 (G) derived front, I like that too.

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