If timing chain breaks = bent valves?

I am about to go look at a 1996 XJ6 VdP and the previous owner claims the lower timing chain has broken. He says he pulled the cam cover, turned the engine over with a socket on the crank and the cams did not move with the crank.

If this is indeed true, is the AJ16 engine an interference engine or not? I.E. if a timing chain breaks while the engine is running even at idle, will the pistons hit the valves?

I have searched here and so far I have not found any posts that mention any broken timing chain issues. Lots of posts about noisy timing chains due to tensioner or guide problems but nothing about actual broken chains.

Thanks in advance


I believe it is interference so not a good outlook :frowning:

Give him 1000 dollars, tow the car out and replace the motor for a couple grand…DONT CRANK THE MOTOR, IT WILL GET UGLY

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As others say, DO NOT crank the engine: likely some bad damage, already, but further movement could damage it further.

Interference engine?

Worst case bent valves possibly a bent connecting rod.

Price accordingly.

It would be highly unlikely to bend a con rod, smply by mashing valves.

A cracked head, however…:frowning:… remains a possibility.

I don’t believe that the Jaguar AJ16 is an interference engine. I thought I researched this a long time ago and found some response somewhere confirming it was not.

I did a quick google search and could not find anything confirming or denying this information.

I bought the car. I took pictures of the disassembled motor and the trunk / boot full of parts that the seller removed from the car before he decided to sell it…

I got the car for $525 but I have to drive back to northern New Jersey to pick it up and then drag it back to NE Ohio.