If your radio reception is suddenly poor

My car had another small issue pop up recently. Probably about three weeks ago, I got in my car and the radio reception was horrible. I could only get good reception on one of my preset stations. The others made lots of static noises and I couldn’t get the HD stations to come in at all.

My first assumption was it was some kind of electrical gremlin, maybe involving the antenna. Turns out the antenna mounted on the roof is not for the radio, but instead for things like GPS. Maybe everyone else already knew that, but it was news to me. Instead, the defrost grille built into the rear windscreen also serves as the radio antenna. A quick inspection revealed that one of the defrost lines had shorted which did not allow electrical current to reach the antenna.

Fortunately, there are some companies that make a defrost paint kit to allow you to repair the grid in cases like this. The color match is a little lighter than the paint used by the factory, but its such a small area that its practically unnoticeable, and sure is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire rear windscreen.

So if your radio reception goes bad suddenly, make sure to check the rear defrost before taking your car to the shop.

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don’t know if it makes any difference to the preservation and long life of those little , but I try to be gentle when cleaning the inside of the rear window, and also wipe with the lines instead of back and forth across.
I remember “way back when” the radio antennas were manually extended, and then years later the outside antennas moved from the front fender of many cars to the inside of the front windshield.

When Id encounter that, Id bridge that gap with a dab of Liquid Solder… worked a charm!

Are you referring to the stuff made my Permatex, Paul? I’d never heard of it before you brought it up, so I googled it. Looks like it may be NLA.

Not sure of the manufacturer. There also used to be a product called, “Liquid Aluminum,” that worked equally well.

Prolly NLA, too…:disappointed:

Just went to my friend Mr Google and found products. One is called Conductive Wire Glue. American science and surplus. Made for low voltage electronics. So maybe stuff is avail, but with diff names now