If you're going to lump it, do it right

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Yikes ! That’s a monster.


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anyone catch the door handle didn’t work?
got some good stuff going on and some not so
i’d like it better it it didn’t have the type “R” stickers and stick on vents on the front wings

  1. The neighborhood looked familiar. Sun Valley in Norcal! Not too far from Jay leno’s garage!! I wonder if they know each other.

  2. Alas, this machine has no sound?? Missed the roar of a hot “rat”.

3 I also noted the use of the interior door handle ! Details!!!

  1. Full interior cage and racer style front frame member bars.

  2. Well executed bonnett scoop…

7 Finnegan has Draguar. Wonder what he thinks of this one?


That’s one interesting Series 1???(I know its a S111😈)

It is a series 1, with the rear lights changed.

Grill looks incorrect for a S1 as well?

Just modified with mesh instead of the original. The aperture is S1.

No I’m talking about the Jag they showed as (I assume) the donor car, this is a screen shot from the video;edit just noticed that it has a UK number plater so I assume they just grabbed a photo.

Oh, that was just a cock-up by the makers of the video. Clearly they were not very knowledgeable about Jaguars.

I believe I’ve seen that video before, looks badass! The owner of the vehicle seems like he is out to race everyone for pink slips and win! Haha love how passionate he is, made me try to be a racer in my 2003 xkr today and did some spirited driving in sport mode. My xkr seem slowwwww when watching that video though

Not sure him reaching in with one hand whilst holding the exterior handle with his left means it didn’t work?

Pity they showed a UK Series 3 with Ogle Pepperpot wheels while the voiceover said 72 Series 1. Wouldn’t kick it out of the garage! though!

Amazing level of craftsmanship!