Ign Light wiring missing

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I’m back rewiring for a new Bosch alternator which seemed to be putting out 15.7v too much of the time. While Advanced Auto’s tester said okay, they did a refund due to the high voltage of 15.5 on their machine. While I did install a new wiring harness, I did some rewiring to eliminate the 3 AW etc. Because of the issues with the former Bosch alternator, I’m trying to ensure a proper install and working ign light. I have the ignition light in the dash with a white wire to the fuse box and a Brown Black wire that went to the 3AW. Before I completely just add a new wire, I was wondering where the Brown Black wire from the dash light to the 3AW was supposed to exit the harness and go to the 3AW.

ALSO, I bought a package of 25 330 ohm resistors to bypass the bulb in order to maintain alternator output should the bulb die. This is recommended by Bosch and the alt. replacement guide. If anyone would like one they are free to good homes.

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Did you check Mike Frank’s Cool Cat Express web site?

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I’m looking for physical locations of old wiring looms, never saw them at CC Express.