Ignition failure. I just hear 1 click coming out of the engine

I recently purchased a Jaguar '11 XF. S. The vehicle’s mileage is 113000. The vehicle has a 5.0 engine. The vehicle is “salvage title” so I knew I was going to have problems with it sooner or later.
The check engine light came on so i quicky went to a nearest Auto-Zone to get it check, since they have the electronic device that checks. It said My battery was dead. I went on to buy a completly new battery. I made sure to get the besy battery cause i did not want it to die on me withing a couple months. A few days latter after i installed the battery, my car wouldn’t start.
What i mean is when i go on to ignite my car,The car doesn’t even start. It just give me1 click. Normally on all type of cars, when you turn on your car it give you the 3 click ( click-click- click…Vroooommmmmm). On my car it doesnt even give me the 3 clicks. JUST 1 SINGLE CLICK. so i thought it was my starter system. So i went on to take out the starter from the car to take it to auto zone to see if they can tell me if its good or not and they said the starter works perfectly fine. Now im stuck with a broken car, clueless of what could be wrong with it. I tried

  1. New Battery
  2. Replacing starter/ hitting it a couple times
    The engine ignition only gives me 1 single click . Nothing more, nothing less. Just a single click and i can sort of hear the start trying to do it’s job but the car just won’t start.

did you try a jump battery start…likely battery dead again…could be a bad replacement, more likely tho a substantial electrical drain when sitting…off…try a battery jump or another one…a single click is usually the battery so low…that is all it does…will an interior lite come on…or headlite dimly. I bet is battery…via drain…that can easily be checked then a job to actually find the drain source…but …if not tho…starter solenoid will do that…Nic

I have a feeling that just buying a battery off the shelf is not always an option with these cars. Something to do with the computers having to know the battery has been replaced. Talk to the agents.

Wish I could give you better advice, but these cars are stupidly complex. Methods that worked on older cars won’t necessarily work on these due to the overwhelming amount of computers utilized. You’re smart to check some of the basic things yourself, but if they don’t work, you’re gonna need a pretty powerful scan tool.