Ignition Key in Series One XJ6

List: My 73 XJ6 came with only one ignition key and I would like to have at least one more.

The city I live in, Scranton, PA, USA does not have many antique Jaguars. I have never seen another series 1 XJ6 here. As a result, the locksmith’s may not stock blanks.

I was to four locksmiths in the City. Only one had a blank that he thought would work. He cut that key from my original. Unfortunately, although the key goes into the ignition switch, it will not turn. That key, an ILCO blank, has the following numbers stamped on the back: FT6R and then in a separate location, F81E

At the same time, I am not certain that the ignition switch in the car is original. There has been some work done around the ignition as the plastic bottom decorative piece was disturbed. So this ignition switch may be different from the original.

My 71 XJ6 has a totally different ignition switch with keys cut on two sides.

Has anyone had a key made for a series one? Is it cut on two sides? Does it have a brank name?


I have had good luck with Peter Groh at BritishCarKeys.com for a variety of keys for my Jaguars. Peter is located in the USA and has a website.

He has a wide range of blank keys and can provide cut keys.


Attached are my XJ6 keys - 1972.

They are Ilco brand USA. large is a KL2. Small is a 62FS. Paul


That is what the keys to my 71 looks like. So maybe Jaguar changed ignition lock on the 1973 cars or perhaps the previous owner of my73 installed a new ignition lock in my car for some reason.


I guess the parts book would indicate a change? Will look later and advise. Paul

I guess the parts book would indicate a change? Will look later and advise. Maybe someone else will know. Paul

I assume that your present key works the ignition as it should, Lou. If so, it is rather immaterial is the lock was changed - you have the proper key for it. And matching blanks should present no copy problems…

I don’t know when Jaguar introduced the ‘three key’ regime; ignition (single edge cut), owners and valet (both double edged). But may have done so to avoid mix-ups with door/boot/filler lids and glove compartment. And do that ign key work all locks…?

Locksmiths are pretty good at identifying proper blanks and even better at cutting them from originals - but he may have been tricked? Which is more likely than a plain miscut…

Not hat that helps much - and I quite agree that having one ign key only is ‘unsafe’.

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)