Ignition problem '95 xj6 vdp

I’m putting our old xj6vdp back on the road after a long time sitting. The engine rolls over nicely but there is no spark. The battery is 650cca and fully charged. Is that enough juice? Where do I go from here?

Could be a multitude of things but I would start with the crank position sensor. You can sometimes (but not always reliably) tell if it’s working but seeing if the Rev counter has a reading whilst cranking.

They are easy to change and not to expensive.

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Thanks! I’m following a thread which points that way. I discounted it because I figured, ‘What the heck, no moving parts and it was never touched.’ That’s where I’ll go next. Once I get this solved I’m going to post about info on repair of the roof panel rusting from the inside out. I haven’t been on this sight for a long time. It’s good to be back.

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Wellcome back :slight_smile: Will be interesting to hear about you roof adventures!

Coil packs as well
But for 1995 make sure your getting fuel!
Good luck