Ignition switch/column lock


my ignition switch lost position “2”,

Where can found a restored or a new key+switch kit ?

xj6 1 serie 2.8 '69



Fred, if I remember correctly the switch can be dismantled for repair. Someone might correct me - has been a long time.

Mine did this earlier this year. I believe a new column lock with key was around $600. I was lucky enough to get a used one from everydayxj.com with key for $60 and bought additional blank keys from welshent.com. Total in about $100.00. This is a lot cheaper then buying new

This removal and installation takes about 15 mins. Theres a video on YouTube that shows the process.

Paul is correct, it can be dismantled and repaired.
Take it out, you have to anyway, and it’s very possible you will be able to fix it.
It’ just some pairs of contacts.

What do you mean by ‘lost’ - it may be relevant to the solution outlined by others…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

thank’you all!

Didn’t find video or guidelines for remove it.

have you a saved link?


Heres the link its not very detailed but, its held on by 2 brass sheer screws. I used a small punch to back them out. Once you are able to break them loose you can hand unscrew them

Hope this helps

Brad is correct, a sharp tipped prick punch is how I removed the sheer screw, I think there was only one in the '71 I did it in

Once out, you can take the lock to a locksmith, and they can probably repair it for about $50

(depends on your problem, you havent made it clear what the exact issue is)


here what happened.

I was driving at 120 km/h when suddenly the engine shut down.

There are 5 key position:

  1. park (steering column lock)
  2. off (all off but working steering)
  3. services “ON” ( all accessories are fed)
  4. All “on” (drive position)
  5. start (engine starter is fed)

5 position is in working status, forcing this position car start and working, release key mean return on position 4 … but …instead drive position you get like a “2” position, engine turns off.

i add power to ignition coil with a flying cable for back home.

Thanks for reading and help.



you may be lucky, as your ignition lock shows such clear symptoms. Some people have done pretty much everything fuel and spark related before the intermittant malfunction of the ignition lock was discovered …

Typically, that kind of malfunction is caused by age and misuse in the form of heavy key rings. I doubt that the worn out barrel can be fixed, but prior to exchange I would try a soak in WD40, then exercise the switch and check whether function is restored … maybe even repeatedly over some days. If you are lucky, don’t forget to lube the barrel afterwards. If it doesn’t help, get a good used switch.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

this is part that leave key block.

Changed with 2 “low quality” new reproduction quality, first one doesn’t work well,second maybe good.

However looking for NOS component or a refurbished one.

A column play may be give problem on switch

Can find a request for this play (due to rubber bush) on 111522 “column rubber bush” line

thank’you all