Ignition wire set

Hi friends…I’m in doubt … I don’t know which ignition wire to buy … snBarret $ 200 and moss $ 100 … I don’t know what the difference will be … they are all aftermank …

Just the wires or is that the full kit?
I didn’t pay anything like that just for the wires themselves. More like $30. They have to fit of course. Go by what‘s in the car now and make up your own set from a length of wire will be my approach next time.

Yes.!!!..let me go just for single wire…

If you want a nice unnoticeable upgrade go with pertronix distributor and their 8MM

PerTronix 808390 Flame-Thrower Spark Plug Wires, 8 Cyl, Universal

Universal Fit, Spiral Core Conductor Style, HEI or Socket Cap Terminal Style, Blue, Black

I’m going to use the one he brings … for now … well, I still haven’t turned it on … !! … he has been asleep for 30 years …:grinning: