I'm guessing this is where this should go....😏

As most know, not a fan of the MkX/420G: this?

I kinda like!

Very 1950 Mercury-ish. nice.

Clearly was the thinking: personally, I could have done with slimmer, less-brutish bumpers, but overall, it’s done well.

An amazing amount of work there.

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And speaking of customs here is a UK based Mark 8 redone with a Lincoln grill and more

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Not bad: IMHO, the front of the front wings is too β€œbulky,” they protrude too far.

Astonishing metal work, on both cars!

Fluevog MK10 apparently the Scandinavian owner made his money in shoes



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Yea, that’sWAAAY better bumper treatment: I actually like that.

you can see that a fair bit of modification went into the rear quarters and bumper.

the front looks good without the over riders too

I read a write up about the mods in this car some years ago,
maybe it had rusted sills and rear quarters, like a lot of these cars, if exposed to salted roads