Important: Never MOVE posts from another category into Classifieds

When a post is made directly to the Classifieds category, a template is automatically applied. It includes wording about being careful, about using an escrow service, and about holding Jag-lovers harmless from any claims.

If a message is moved from another category into Classifieds, that template doesn’t get applied.

That’s one important reason for this rule. Another is that we see a lot of “drive-by” scammers, people registering an account just so they can post an ad for something more-or-less dubious. Often outright scams and/or spam. We need to protect against those. Moving a new member’s post from another category into Classifieds negates that protection.

Finally, the Classifieds category is a free service to members. The only thing we ask in return for using it, is that the poster is a real and contributing member of the community. People can prove that they are by getting to Trust Level 1, which is fairly easy. Once they are, they can post directly to Classifieds.

Thank you for understanding, and for helping us try to make the Classifieds category as safe as possible for everyone. As always, more information here.