Importing Japanese XKRs

Hi all,

Looking into the purchase of an original Japanese spec 1999 XKR. There are a few oddities about Japanese models I have discovered so far, and I am interested if anyone on here has any experience with these models. The car was already imported to the UK from Japan, next step will be importing to Australia from the UK…


I’ve owned a 97 n/a convertible JDM for 8 years and the only anomaly I have noted is the trip computer is calibrated in US gallons, not Imperial. I just use metric anyway. However, I’m no expert on these.
Nice cars though.

Ha, I lived in the US for 25 years, and never realized that US pints and gallons were different to imperial ones! Always time to learn something new… The speedo in mine (or future mine… :wink: ) is metric, and I will be using metric too. Now I am curious as to whether the odometer reading is miles or kms… I hope the latter, but at 43k, it is still low mileage whichever it turns out to be…

The “anomaly” I mentioned is the door VIN tag - which on JDM cars seems to have blank weights and long-code description (at least on mine, and the few others I found online).


Yes, my door sticker only has the VIN on it.

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Nothing to stop you adding a new Vin Tag with the axle weights on. It’s only illegal to tamper with the body stamped Vin.
Obviously, the new Vin Tag must match the stamped Vin.