Improved headlights

And ground is good as well?

I have a Maverick, too!


Not to hijack the thread, but, Paul, I hate how they used the Maverick name for a pick up truck. It use to be for “pony cars”, Mustang, Maverick and Pinto.

Ron, I think you will be happy with some good housing, bulbs and relays. It does make quite a difference. Just use good gauge wire and use a fuse of some type on your feed wire close to the source. I prefer to solder and shrink wrap over crimping. On the Maverick, I used a water resistant housing for the relays.


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I fitted the upgrade halogen bulbs to the 328 buckets but did not notice any marked improvement.

I am about to purchase a pair of LED bulbs from Classic Car LEDs - question is: what suits the Mark II, cold or warm white?


Warm white is generally better! The french had yellow lights for a reason. More contrast, less scatter, less fatigue, and a 60 year old car looks neither right nor awful with blue lights.

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