Improvments to my Car this Winter

(Ian) #1

I say this Winter but not many hours work , but it’s mostly wet in the UK now , so a good time to change things over !

Gaz Dampers
Goodridge brake pipes
Rebuilt steering box , one on car has a oil leak
Side lights , one’s on the car are 1968 , so lasted well , but the plastic lens are very yellow , I managed to get some original Jaguar one’s , have put LED bulbs in them , brighter , less heat so may help to stop the lens discolouring !

Picture of old side light on and off ,


(Phil.Dobson) #2

Interesting stuff. my winter project is the ongoing now total restoration. who did your steering box rebuild? I use ICS in Birmingham. I got mine uprated to a ‘quick’ spec as per the early mk1 . I will work on my upper arm strength over Christmas.
I have chosen to go with manual steering and im using poly bushes all round. Ill keep the current rack and pinion front beam assembly to one side just in case I cant manage the manual set up. I also have a complete later style jaguar power set up, so spoilt for choice.
Like you I will use Gaz Dampers.
Engine, G/box complete. Back axle to follow. its currently a 377:1. + OD. I want a power lock but have been told its not possible on this ratio which I finding hard to believe. I haven’t researched it yet tough. any comments welcome.

Best regards
Phil D.

(Ian) #3

I rebuilt the steering box myself , it was from a Daimler with around 40k on it , just a good clean, new seals and re shimmed it , has no play at all , you do need strong arms , I did have a 14 inch wheel but gone up to a 15 now , hard work parking , but oh so nice at speed around the corners , hence the Gas dampers try and help the over steer out , I too have poly bushes and uprated springs at the front !

(Tigger) #4

Winter jobs on our car will be a bit of bodywork (not by me of course) - just a few little rusty spots best nipped in the bud. Possibly replace the carpets and repair some of the vinyl covered interior trim pieces. Will also arrange for Bob Bate to service the transmission (DG) and check / adjust cam shims.

(Ian) #5

Well I startead today , changed the steering box over , get the hard job out the way first .
Did all the work from underneath the car , quite straight forward really , the stone guard was the last thing to put back on , just need to bolt the steering column back to the bulk head , you need to move it up to get the lower column off the steering box spline

Still nice and clean , no rusty bolts to shift

Old steering box

Rebuilt box , spanner on the only bolt that holds the stone guard on , fitted the guard after replacing pinch bolt .

Finished job !

(Pete55Tbird) #6

Phil you may find this helpful regarding axle ratio change. Pete

(Phil.Dobson) #7

Wow very interesting, thanks Pete

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(tony) #8

I would be fairly sure a 3.77 Powr-Lok would exist, as that is the ratio of MOD MKX, which had Powr-Lok as standard (made non-standard for 420G)

Admittedly not many MOD MKX were made

Another way that MIGHT work?

Obtain a more common 3.54 Powr-Lok, and swap in your 3.73 Ring & pinion gears, the 3.54 carrier (with LSD guts would be re-installed ?

I dont think there is a difference inside the pumpkin to prevent the swap, but would need to confirm

(tony) #9

its summer down hear, and I like to work outside with my shirt off, soaking up some rays, move under shade if it gets too hot.

This (northern winter :grinning: ) will be lavishing the love of my drivers compartment area, the view others & myself see most often

The dreaded quarter vent seal, all other rubbers, remake rubber on body channel, minor rust in door, new lifetime door board, enhanced original door vinyl, carpet to be correctly bound, insulation, hardura, auto lock solenoids, etc etc…repaint my otherwise perfect door exterior where i dented and scraped it :persevere:

(Phil.Dobson) #10

I have only ever seen one 3;77 powerlock for sale and it was very expensive. The specialist I have used before tells me there isn’t sufficient room in the diff to add one with the 3:77. So the article Pete sent is of interest. I’ll get the axle home st the weekend so more investigation can commence :grinning:

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(Pete55Tbird) #11

Phil, a possible alternative to a PowerLock might exist. Dana 44 are big with the Jeep and off-road
community. I thought I remembered an “Aussie Locker” at one time. An add on to the existing
differential. Pete
PS. Jogged my own memory. I pulled an axle from a 1959 Ford F150 that came equipped with a Dana 44
19 spline axle and it had a Ford Traction-Lock as factory. Possible to adapted to your Jag. It`s out there.

(Phil.Dobson) #12

Great info. Thankyou

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(Tigger) #13

Intermittent wiper function

I wonder about making the slow speed wiper intermittent – is it just a case of fitting a time delay relay, and if so, is there an item suitable for positive earth?

(Pete55Tbird) #14

Phil, Aussie Locker

Pretty old. Pete

(tony) #15

I have a Jeep Dana 44 axle with 1.30" OD axles, I think it has 31 or 32 splines, into which I am going to mount an ARB Air diff-lock Carrier

I dont know what is the axle shaft OD and spline count for non-IRS Jags ?

Dana Ring & Pinion can be mounted in Jag pumpkins & vica versa in some cases, with minor mods

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #16

I have not given this much thought, but, a periodic pulse to energise and the parking circuit to de-energise might work. This means they would close all the way to the scuttle after each sweep. Can be made to work positive earth. Paul

(tony) #17

You could rig up a intermittent wiper function, using a relay & IC 555 based timer circuit.

GM used the idea from an Australian inventor, and I believe had to pay him for patent infringement…anyway, a basic adjustable timer circuit would be available on Ebay for a few $

(Ian) #18

One side done !