In need of information about wheel center

I have a '84 XJ6 with the following wheels and wheel centers. On wheel center was missing when I acquired the car. I have been informed that the wheels and wheel centers may be a Kent for a XJ40. I would like a verification that this information is correct.

If correct these are Kent - in search of any resource for obtaining one. thanks

This is a KENT WHEEL

Picture is kinda small, could be teardrop or 20 spoke??


Its a teardrop…

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Looks like XJ40 tear drop rim, with S3 Kent/Pepperpot center cap glued on to provide clearance for the front stub axle. The XJ40 had a smaller stub axle which would have fit behind the original center cap. The older S3 stub sticks out more and will not fit.
You will have to make your own this way to match.


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I have better photos of wheel and wheel cover. So far most responding have stated I have a tear drop wheel. My issue is identifying the center cover. It seems to be a plastic - no Jaguar ID numbers to speak of.


That looks to be a standard XJ40 centre cap with a different centre attached, this is from the JDHT site, the centre caps are all very low profile in comparison to the one on your picture, also I have a feeling that Jaguar would NOT have been purchasing items from Taiwan :slight_smile: