In search of brake accumulator and ball for 94

Systems shot need replacement parts

Here we go with the Teeves braking systems, again! I have a 92 XJS and went through that whole thing about what was wrong, and the parts you are seeking have little or nothing to do with why the system is not working. I do hope you will take the time to listen to others before spending lots of money and becoming more frustrated.

I’m all ears but what is truly my solution beyond conversion? I have all those notes already

I have an accumulator motor and ball from my '89 XJS.
I’m converting to vac brakes for a 5 speed conversion.
The motor and ball work well.
Make an offer.

Rob that’s great I’ve thought of doing the same but in the meantime I appreciate that so much. My email is or by phone 6157954821 I’d prefer you set the price and I’ll gladly pay the additional shipping if you not in the middle Tennessee area :pray:t3::pray:t3:

That system has an ECU of sorts, and they are famous for going out due to a bad solder joint on the board, and some have been successful at fixing them. Like so many others in this group, I am opting for the retro-fit of the earlier vacuum brake system

Used part for the accumulator = NO. Consider reading here:

Your braking problems may be found elsewhere, and many people change the ‘ball’ with no good results. If I keep the car, I will rip all that stuff out and replace it with good, old fashioned parts that work.