Include pictures

Previously, I attempted to include pictures in one of my responses to
some one’s forum from my photos in my I-pad. After clicking on the photos I wanted, I clicked the box W/upward arrow then “mail”, to, etc.
I was informed the pictures never made it.
Is there a specific way to forward pictures to the Forum using an I-pad? Again, my attempt was through an e-mail response to the Forum
with pictures attached.

On the web site interface you can just drag/drop the photo onto the message and it uploads.

We don’t have i-Pad specific stuff in #user-guides-and-how-tos.

If someone with an Apple device creates a guide then I will append it to How do I: Add pictures to a post?

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Thank you. These Forums are great.
If only my internet/computer skills could handle them better.

Via mail, discourse or safari (well they are the same)?

Phew. This is what should look like on the iPad.

That’s the iPhone.

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FWIW I use the snippet app in windows…quick and easy and just do a copy/paste into the email.