Increase tire size on a 1987 XJS Cabriolet

I want to replace my Pirelli 215-70 15 tires with larger Radial t/a 235-60 15 tires on the stock star fish rims. Has anybody done this without the tires rubbing on the inner fender walls?

Hi Ralph, Can’t help with using 235’s, but many of us, including myself, have gone with 225-60 tires. Mine are on starfish rims, which I like, and no rubbing problems whatever. The only problem I had was that neither of my trolley jacks would fit below the front cross-member. That meant I had to buy a low-profile long-reach jack to reach under the (lowered) car.

I also switched to 225/60. Much more selection than 235, and no tire rub.

They look good and do look wider, but you will notice a bit of gap at front wheel wells. I intend to lower my front end 1", but its not needed unless you like the sporty look of tires filling the gap like I do.

I’ve had 235/60/15’s all 4 corners for yrs. ( more rubber on the road the better ) No problems. Unfortunately I am now in need of new tires and it seems that the only choice I have here in Canada in that size is BF Goodrich TA’s. Fine for mucle cars etc, but not for my long highway trips that I use the car for. D–n it. Seems to me about the only choice I have is too move up to 17 in wheels to accommodate modern tires. Or do I suffer through the T?A’s in order to keep my TWR wheels ?

There’s one caveat, a mild one.

The 235/60 tires are really too wide for the 6.5" wheels. The sidewalls will be obviously pinched.

Nothing terrible will happen. In fact Jaguar itself used 235/60s on the 6.5 Starfish wheels. But you won’t be getting the best out of the tires.


Sounds like you don’t care for the TA’s. I run 225/60 TA’s on my car and am quite happy with them. No complaints at all.

Although I wouldn’t use them, personally, you can see if these Pirelli 235/60s are available:

My understanding is that Pirelli makes this tire in batch runs so I’d call ahead to check on actual availability


They’re not for everybody but you could always move up
17” XJR wheels. Plenty of tyre selection but firmer ride.
I’m just looking at tyre options now as it appears that my
Alignment is out. But when I think about it , not a lot of
miles on the current tyres, but they’ve been on the car over
ten years. Time for a change. I’m thinking 235 50 R17.

I went up to 225-60 15 tires. There were a few V-rated choices when I got them in 2019, but now I see there is little choice. :frowning: There’s a Forceum Hena, never heard of that brand?!

Here’s a very handy calculator to compare tire sizes:

T/A’s are simply not suitable to my kind of driving. ( Canyon carving, long trips, top down, ) I simply prefer Michelins, Yoko’s Not saying they’re a bad tire, ,just that in my experience they are more suited to cruising the streets than carving the highways. Back in the days of my old super bee ( early 70’s ) the T/A was the only tire to have on your muscle car. Unfortunately, they are what I will probably end up buying. But I cannot see the point in the added cost of new 17 in wheels then storage of my originals, etc, etc just for the few 1000 miles I put on per year.My Michelins have approx 80 % of tread left but are now approx 10 yrs old and have developed cracks. Simply unsafe on the highways. Who knows, I may end up luving them. As the song goes,You can’t always get what you want, but you’ll get what you need.

The was a time when BFG offered a variety of choices for 15" wheels. Nowadays…apparently not. They only of the base-model “T/A Radial” which, though hardly low quality, is not a performance-oriented tire.

Years ago I ran some 225/60x15 BFGs on my XJS. I can’t remember the exact model but they carried a W-speed rating and high load rating. Great tires. But there just isn’t enough demand to continue offering so many choices for 15" wheels.

I also had a couple sets of BFG G-Force “KDW” tires which were very good performance tires. Here again the size choices are very limited and I doubt anything is offered in a 15" size. They’d be contender, IMO, if you have 16" or 17" wheels.

If you go to 16" wheels another choice, among many, is the BFG 226/60x16 Advantage TA. I had two sets of these; 98-V rating. Really great all round tires with the bonus of long tread life…something not all performance oriented tires can offer. The downside is, IME, the steering response is just a bit less precise than some other choices. Other than that, no vices at all.

You might think I’m a salesperson for BFG but I assure you I’m not :slight_smile: . It’s just that I’ve been happy with the products.

If you can bear the original 215/70x15 size and high cost there are still some choices out there…although not instantly available at the corner tire store.