Incredible Shrinking Logo

On my android phone I have the J-L icon among my apps. It used to be the full circle and easy to see but recently it has begun shrinking… the circle is still there but the logo gets smaller and smaller. Recently it has become little more than a tiny dot looking like it is about to wink out completely.

I’m traveling internationally so I am only able to look at J-L from time to time… maybe it is dying from neglect.

Is this normal? Or is my explanation of what I’m seeing inscrutable?


I noticed the same thing. I look at JL daily so shrinkage is not from neglect. My phone is Pixel 6 Pro on T Mobile network

Maybe it has been swimming……



I noticed the same thing today.

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I have a Samsung 9 with an icon link and it is normal. Did you download an app from the play store or did the phone create it? I didn’t download an app.

Possibly do a restart on the phone??

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Restart no help. 20 char

Sorry Jim, others with more IT knowledge will have to step in here, possibly @gunnar will be able to help when he next logs in.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Any chance anyone with an Android phone could post a screenshot?

Same thing happened to mine.

Mines fine, Oppo Android;

Funny I was thinking about starting a thread! Here’s mine! Hard to see, but its under Facebook smh

Oh, I see! Thanks for sharing the screenshots, everyone.

When did this problem start? I last upgraded the forum software 5 weeks ago, and absolutely nothing has changed since then. Did the problem start earlier than 5 weeks ago?

I just re-uploaded the “manifest icon” for Android for the site. Did that make any difference for you guys?

Icon occupies about center third of my app button presently. The Icon filled the button completely up to a couple of days ago.

Except for an hour ago, when I re-uploaded the icon to the server, nothing has changed on the server for the last 5 weeks. I have no idea what’s going on.

Can you try removing and re-adding the icon on your phone?

FYI mine is still full size.

Another Jaguar Gremlin I fear!!!

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The icon size change occured a few days ago on my Samsung S22 Ultra. Website functionality and access appear as normal. Here is screenshot for my phone. Next I will try your reload suggestion.

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After my last post, I deleted the jag-lovers app from the phone. Then I went to the jag-lovers website and selected the choice on immediate display offering to install app on my device. App installed and ran fine. Icon in app button now shows full size.

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Thanks for verifying that!