Individual throttle bodies on Ebay

(Marcus McSpadden) #1

For anyone that is interested in trying this out.

(ronbros) #2

thats a lot of money for something that dont run ,never has run??

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #3

When I was in NZ, Bill White showed me a system similar to this; his might have had slide valves, I don’t remember. I do remember him explaining that one of the issues with such a system is connecting up vacuum lines to vacuum advance, power brakes, A/C controls and whatnot. You can’t just connect it to one runner because it’ll screw up the heimholz (sp?) resonance of that runner so that cylinder will run differently than the other 11. His solution was to connect a very tiny vacuum line, almost a capillary, to each runner and route them all to a single vacuum reservoir, and then make vacuum taps off that. He made sure that all 12 capillaries were the same length. Ended up looking kinda like a nitrous installation.

I really dunno what one would hope to achieve with such an installation other than to make the engine look cool. The shorter runners won’t help anything, and neither will having multiple butterflies.

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on my V12 with race cams , vacuum is low at idle , so i installed an electric vac pump!

works great its pumps only when vac drops below a programmed point!

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