Infortainment software glitches

We have a 2018 XF-S Sportbrake that we bought in early 2020 as a CPO. The car has been great and largely bulletproof until recently. This month, our monitor did not go out, but our infortainment software is on the blink. We keep getting a recurring error message on the screen that says the computer cannot read the SD card that is loaded through the slot in the center console. The options in error alert box are “Retry” and “Cancel.” If we hit “Retry,” the system performs a hard reboot that shuts down the infotainment system and restarts it as though you had turned off and restarted the ignition. But then the error box just reappears in a few minutes. Hitting “Cancel” just lets us continue listening to music on the radio, but doesn’t solve the problems.

We can still get radio (including satellite radio) reception, but we are not able to connect our iPhones through the USB drive/cable plugged into the center console. Sometimes we cannot change the drive mode (“Normal,” “Dynamic,” etc.). There is a miniature screen between the tach and speedo on the driver’s dash, and that used to display the channel or iPod track that was playing, but no more; it is just blank while we are driving. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity is no longer working at all. No more GPS map (although we found that onboard GPS to be utterly worthless in any event). We recall that a few weeks ago, SiriusXM did a software update via the satellite antenna, and it seems to have been on the blink since that update.

Has anyone else had a problem with software glitches on the infotainment system? Is there any easy fix at the dealer, like reloading the software program?

It’s likely you have fixed or had someone fix the problem by now. If not, I would advise getting the car scanned to see if there are any fault codes that would help to pinpoint the problem.
On my car, which is a lot earlier than yours, I have just sorted out a problem that was stopping the infotainment system from starting. All the units are linked by a fibre optic network and if one unit is faulty, it can stop other units on the network from functioning.

They had to order a whole new infotainment unit and install it. Like the entire hardware unit. I thought it would be just a software update. I was a little disappointed that they gave me the same outdated infotainment system that was on the car in 2018 instead of an updated version with Apple CarPlay and such updated apps and software.