Injectors emulation

My engine after starting on few cylinders does not start anymore. I had a doubt on my EFI ECUs. I’ve 2 emulate each of them with a signal generator between the Marelli ECU and the EFI one. I’ve then make each injector running without engine nor fuel just to be sure they go on and off:

here is the link for one

here the link for all with frequency modulation. Every one sounds good.

But engine does not run… I need to control that fuel is ejected from each now.

Does it have spark?..

Yes it does.
I ve found the probable root cause: the small hose coming from the left manifold and going to the pressure regulator through the thermal valve is full of fuel. The regulator is leaking and for sure does not regulate anymore.
This explain also the lot of fume I had before the engine stop definitely.

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