INPUT Dana 44 axle shaft spun bearing

(Pete55Tbird) #1

. My 63 MK2 needs new
outer wheel bearing seals on the SOLID Dana 44 axle. I pulled the axles to replace the wheel bearing at this time. I found the original Made in England Timkin bearing still in place. The new bearing are NO NAME
bearings. My machinist replaced one but was concerned that the second ( opposite side axle ) has spun
and that axle shaft was undersize.
The RIGHT WAY is buy a new axle. I am cheap.
Another way is to use Locktite 660. The damaged axle is 1.312 INCH at the widest UNDAMAGED part
and measures 1.306 at the narrowest Damaged part. NO BLUEING OR DISCOLORATION .
The NEW NO NAME bearing measures 1.305 INCH at its WIDEST part back and 1.299 at its narrowest part
FRONT ( facing OUT)
The floor is OPEN TO DISCUSSION. Thanks Pete

(Ian) #2

Most of the 660 will come out between the bearing and shaft , but a good amount will be on the shoulder of the shaft , you have only time to lose by trying it !

(Ian) #3

Or you could take the shaft and new bearing to a bearing shop , see if they have a bearing with a smaller id , !

(Pete55Tbird) #4

Good morning Ian, Thanks for the input. Very helpful. I will be talking to a couple more machinists
before moving on this.
Is my understanding that the ID of the bearing vs the OD axle shaft gives the INTERFERENCE FIT
that actually “holds” the inner bearing in place on the axle shaft?
Still asking for experience using Locktite 660. Pete

(Ian) #5

Yes its a interference fit , never used 660 , I used or should I say did use JB Weld !!