Inquiring minds

… want to know what is the function of this switch thingies?

B bank, throttle linkage is bottom left of picture where it connects to throttle body.

Been digging around the parts guide and ROM and haven’t found anything.

Thanks in advance!

Hard to guess by the size of your photo. Could be a return button in your typewriter or leaf blower choke.

If in Jag, by design - it looks like stop adjustment, similar to one usually found in throttle body. Not sure if you’re showing engine bay or driver’s footwell…

Given the date of your car, guessing it’s the idle switch for the Marelli ignition

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That’s your idler switch, DAC6049. When the throttle is closed, that switch signals the ECU to pull timing.

They are available on Ebay and the usuals. I have yet to find the proper Burgess micro switch to rebuild them (would be easy to do).

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Good deal, idle switch sending timing info to the ECU it is! Now, it’s obviously adjustable and attached to the throttle assembly.

When, why, and how would you think about adjusting?

Unless the screw has been messed with, it shouldn’t really ever need to be adjusted. The micro switch is riveted to the bracket, so no adjustments there like the kick down or earlier capstan switch.

If it has been messed with, try the 10,000’ verification first, being hearing the click when barely cracking the throttle.

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