Installing a CD changer in the rear of an X Type Estate

(Grahame Loader) #1

I’m hoping that some of you may be able to help me. I have an 04 X Type Estate, with a single disc CD slot in the dash. It has the control button for the CD changer (CDC) on the radio stack, along with the button for the single CD. Does anyone out there in Jag Lovers land have an estate with a CD changer installed in the back and could they tell me how it’s installed?

I have a changer rescued from a wreaked X Type. The parts dept at the local dealer couldn’t come up with an exploded diagram of the installation. Hearing from someone with knowledge in this area would be appreciated. Hearing from someone with no knowledge is also always appreciated.:grinning:

(motorcarman) #2

I installed MANY CDDJ units in the boots of a sedans but not any in an Estate. (not many sold here in Texas)
Jaguar sold a ‘kit’ with the brackets and boot liner trim and the BOF (Black Optical Fibre aka D2B) link lead.

418-00 Communications Network.pdf (237.4 KB)
d2b-linking-fibre-optic-cables.pdf (404.8 KB)
X-30 Accessory CD Changer Installation.pdf (69.6 KB)


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Thanks Bob. I’ve downloaded the files and will have a look at them. I was told, and I don’t know how true it is, that all Jags came with the wiring harness installed even if the component wasn’t.

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Thanks for the downloads. I’ve looked through them and what I was hoping for was a diagram of how and where the CDC mounted in the back of the wagon. If I was sure it was possible, I would take it into an auto electric shop to have it done.

Would you have the part number for that?

Does anyone out there have an Estate with a Jag CD changer in the back?

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I don’t have part numbers. I just went to the parts dept and installed the CDDJ if the customer wanted it installed!!

It has been 10 or 15 years since I did this on a regular basis.
Never installed a kit in an Estate. I only worked on 1 or 2 Estates ever.


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Thanks Bob. I have obtained a stack of instructions for installing the CD changer in the Estate. They are written by the same guy (or girl) who writes instructions for IKEA, and are just as indecipherable. I’ve been trying to find out what trim pieces I need and a source.