Installing a Radar Detector

This is not a Jaguar related project; however I thought I would share my current experience.
At the insistence of my wife I replaced my daily driver, a trusted Infinity FX, for a
Porsche Macan S.
She maintained that I needed something with Apple Car play if I wanted her to ride in my vehicle (smile)
I still remember the first day I bought the V-12 XJ-S home many years ago and opened the engine compartment and was immediacy taken aback by the massive engine that left no room to do anything. The Porsche (like all new cars) is worse.
The first project I tackled was installing a radar detector underneath the mirror similar to the departed FX.
This project took me three days. If interested it’s detailed in my website.

As always, great job in documenting and explaining.

I have a 9 volt rd…it had an adapter so i mounted that receptacle under glove box…put detector on an L shaped plastic and it hooks into the hole for defrost…easy to remove…no wires above…hardly ever use it…