Installing felt in window frames of MK2 Jag

Does anyone have any successful recommendations for installing felt in the front door, rear vertical section. This felt is listed as 18-4020 and is 2" wide adhesive backed felt.

The felt needs to be pushed into the window channel.

However, the adhesive backing immediately sticks to the metal channel, prevents the felt from entering very far into the channel.

All attempts to install this felt has been unsuccessful.

This issue is the same at the rear door, front vertical section where the channel is also deep.

I cheated on mine and used felt with no adhesive. The only way you can really use the adhesive backed stuff is with the glass out of the frame and the frame out of the door.

So far it hasn’t come out. You could put a couple of dobs of glue in behind it and wind the window up to let it set if you wanted.


Where did you get the felt? I am looking on Amazon but the only felt strip I see have adhesive backing which I have.


SNG Barratt.

They have a variety of sizes.

Thank you. Do you think Barratt is better than Moss? I ask because Moss also has BD17134/2 for a less expensive cost. Also, they have front vent window seals for half the cost that Barratt charges.
I would appreciate your feedback.

I’m in Australia and SNGB work out cheaper so I usually use them.

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Yeah, postage from the USA to us in the Antipodes is an arm and leg proposition. Considerably cheaper ex UK.

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That makes sense. I had an part shipped from England and the shipping cost was equal to the cost of the part I bought.

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Roy, when I did mine, I carefully cut out the centre of the adhesive strip covering, so that the only exposed adhesive was down the centre, the covering strips on the edges prevented the adhesive touching the sides. With the centre line stuck in the channel, peel off the protective covering on the edges and press onto the sides of the channel. Hope this makes sense, it worked for me, just a pain to cut down the strip to remove the central portion of the protection.

Mike, Your solution makes sense.

I tried a double layer of wax paper, thinking that the adhesive would not stick to the wax paper. Well that didn’t work. The adhesive stuck to the wax paper.

I finally had success by peeling the white paper off, and allowing a little dust to get on the adhesive. I soaked the felt in water and then the felt went in fairly easily. I used a small piece of ¼” plywood underlayment (actually 0.20” thick) as a pusher. After the felt was installed, I left the frame standing and the water drained out.