Installing glued windshield '83 S3

(van eldik) #1

Hi there!
I’ve removed the windshield of my '83 3,4 Litre XJ6 Series 3 to take care off the (minor) rust. Now I have to replace him again.

I’ve got a few questions before I start installing, I hope someone can answer them.

I cut out the windshield leaving the stainless trim on the glass,

-Since the stainless trim is really stuck to the glass can I install the windshield with the trim on it or do I have to remove it and glue it on my window after I installed the window?
-Do I install the inner seal on the edge of the metal?
-Inner seal all around or only bottom?
-Installation in the following order?:
1st: install inner seal
2nd: glue inn the glass
3th:: install seal between glass and stainless strip
4th: install seal between stainless strip and body.
I think I’ll use Womi Screenbond.

Best regards,
Ron from the Netherlands.

(David Jauch) #2

Interesting. We didn’t get the trim perfectly right on the rear screen, so I‘ll be listening.
The C section seal goes on the metal of the body (I think we didn’t glue this in). Then loads of glue and then place the windshield.
Maybe reverse 3 and 4, you can push harder on the glass, and the last seal might be the hardest to get in?