Installing oil cooler hoses

I’ve been wrestling with these oil cooler hoses for a couple hours. The supply line is still leaking at the cooler side. I’ve got a couple of quarts of oil across the floor. I’ve loosened and re-tightened it several times. Removed the engine side thinking that have been causing it to be askew while tightening.

It is leaking from the top of the brass nut. I took the whole thing out again to compare it to the original. The brass nut does seem a little lopsided when it’s resting on the flare of the pipe.

It did have some flaking paint on it when I received it from moss motors. Now looking at their website they have the part listed for $230, as opposed to the $53 they charged me a month and a half ago. I’m thinking I may have gotten a poorly remanufactured hose.

Has anyone else had difficulties getting the cooler side of these hoses seated properly?

This might be a dumb question but you have got new O-rings on the cooler ends of the pipes?

I won’t know how this assembly looks, but if it is anything like Earl’s or Russel, Aeroquip conical seals (37° MIL spec, or 45° automotive) you can try this - in case the taper has burrs or notches:

Since you are in the US, you can have them delivered in no time.

I could be wrong with 37° being the one and 45° the other, BUT there are two versions.

Yes, new o-rings.

I would think that, with the brass nut far out of the way, I’d be able to seat the pipe into the cooler down to the o-ring but it doesn’t seem to want to go down. I’ve tried both tightening the brass nut while applying downward and upward pressure, but no difference.

At this point my options are:

Returning the hose, and hoping moss motors sends a replacement. Otherwise, I’m guessing they’ll refund the $50 and ask for the $230 for a new one.

Removing the whole assembly. Which involves the whole rock guard, hood, etc.

Just putting the old hose back on and dealing with the leakage. Which wasn’t terrible, but annoying if I’m trying to keep the engine detailed.

Or trying Dominick’s suggestion.

I needed new oil cooler hoses, so I got mine re-hosed by a company here in the UK called Pirtek, hydraulic hose specialists. they fitted 2 adjustable ends that made the fitting very easy indeed.

you may be able to make it out on this photo