Installing points and condenser

Hi, I am shortly going to install new ignition points and a condenser into my XJ6 series 2 and I was wondering if anyone has any useful tips or advice. I know the basics of the operation and in essence it’s quite simple. My question relates to the awkwardness of the operation as it relates to the XJ. The distributor is so far down in the engine bay and it is so fiddly trying to attach the small connectors and screws and I wonder if the ‘older hands’ may know of some wrinkles to make the job easier?

Hi Rob, take it out and do it on the bench :slight_smile:
And stick a flag next to your name :smiling_imp:

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Thanks for the tip! And I’ve added the flag!

Screw starter is a must.|dm&pcrid=396656139306&rd=k&product_id&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxZWZ9Kjt6gIVTfDACh2SnA7WEAAYASAAEgJjDPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

welcome, the best for you is to purchase a non points kit, and
install that.
Those kits give you every step to install them, and last forever.


Hi Walter, any recommendations on which one to purchase? I’ve read somewhere that there can be issues with some units and that’s why I decided to stick with the old fashioned points system.


I put mine in many years ago, at least 10, and never had problems.

Shop around for recomendations, I think by now they’re all pretty good.


Fireball is one that goes into a standard dizzy.

I tackled the job today (successfully) and the best advice I would give to anyone attempting this job is to buy one of those ‘headlights’ which allows you to actually see what you are doing while having 2 hands free. Thanks to all that offered advice.

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if your dizzy is in good working order and you get decent quality points and cap there is no reason not to stick with the original.

But, no, especially with RHD cars it is kind of awkward to get access to the coil (did that last week) and distributor. To do serious work it makes sense to remove the air filter box. Then it should be no big thing. Good light is advisable, of course.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)


I use stock type points and condenser distributor…why? because that is what the car came with and I know how to adjust and replace em…no instructions needed , I can fit tiny ponts set in my tour kit and like it that way. Nic

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I was able to divest my trunk kit of the points and condensor, and free up the room for tubes of J-B Weld…:wink:

I do not move from my Barca without gorilla tape, super glue, zip ties and 2 fire extinguishers …The “list” of whatz in a tour kit has been the subject of many threads…IF an overnite is involved…Devils Creek Distillery Bourbon is added. Nick


All good choices!!!