Installing Roof Drip Mouldings on Mark V Saloon

Notes for those who may follow.

The parts catalogue says on page 77 that the rain gutters were held on with self tapping screws. Mine were held on with pop rivets. They were installed at the factory before the body received any paint or even primer, thus there was no paint or primer in between, except what little wicked or leeched in there. There was dirt and rust in there when I removed them.

I decided I wanted them fully painted, so I did them separately.
These notes are for re-installing the original mouldings using their original holes.
I found they are awkward to install single handed. Here is how I did it.

Start at the middle and put in one pop rivet just to the rear of the B post.
Then do the rearmost pop rivet.
Do the foremost pop rivets. Mine has two on each side at the front.
Work from the rear towards the B post.
Work from the front towards the B post.
I found an awl a handy tool to line up the holes.

The pop rivet size is 1/8" diameter x 1/8" long, also marked on the package as 3mm x 3mm, but in reality they are a bit longer and the stated length refers to the maximum amount of material they will hold.

I think they need some sealing in there so they won’t collect dirt. Tomorrow I will drip some thinned out paint in the gap with a small nozzle and a syringe.


When you come to preparing yourSS saloon for aConcours win, YOu will find the drip rail has only a small narrow section joining front and rear halves. Now one could have boundlessunjustified confidence that the chrome platers won’t bend them at that poiint.

But I don’t. So I made a small dummy section tobridge between the halves to give them some rigidity
And they are held on with # 4 self tappers. But best to use new ones, not rechrome originals and I always put seam sealant on them.
And I polish them myself, That not trusting Messrs Ham Fisted and Son Pty Lt by appointment platers to the Automotive restoration trade.

Thanks Ed.
Looking closely, I see the drip rails on my '38 SS are or once were chromed, though painted over a couple of times 40 to 60 years ago, and even some of the masking tape was still on there. :laughing:
And held on by small slotted oval head self tapping screws.
But they are two piece, there is a break at the B post; without taking them apart it looks like they overlap.

On the Mark V the rails are a long single piece, but the transition from front to rear at the B post is more substantial, less likely to get bent if you are careful. And of course painted, not plated.