Installing sun visor

This may be a silly question but does an old sun visor just pull off the bracket and you slide the new one on?

Sorry this is for a 1967 FHC

Well, no - a reproduction may or may not slide on the rod. The metal tube-like female receptacle for the rod must be of the right size, as changing the size on the repros I had was not a simple task. It must fit just so, as the friction holds the adjustment. My reproductions were from England and one wasn’t too bad, the other was a problem. The worst happens if you get it part way on and it won’t go the extra mile. Answer is, yes they just slide on the rod, but this may be harder than it should be. Recovering the old one may be an option. My interior kit (same source) came with material for this, but I used the whole visors. The originals worked better - what a surprise…

Mike I had the same problem as Larry on my S2 FHC. My visors had been recovered and were awful. I bought new visors but used the old chrome rod hardware. It was very difficult to get the new visors to slide on and they are very stiff to adjust.


Larry and Andy, It sounds like is is not as easy as just push the new visor on to the rod. I will do the best I can when the new ones arrive.

Man you guys were right. There is no way to push the attachment rod into the new sun visor. I have a snap-on round file that tightly fits into the new sun visor metal retainer shaft. I am thinking about using this to slightly enlarge the size to allow me to tightly insert the attachment rod. Does this seem like the logical way to tackle this?

As best I can tell your plan to use the round file is doomed. I tried the same thing and bent a round shafted screw driver. There must be a thick metal sleeve that the mounting rod goes into inside the sun visor. In frustration, I ended up drilling the metal sleeve to the dimension of the mounting rod. The good news is that it basically worked, the bad news is that my drill bit was not as long as the mounting rod, so I have to force the last 1/2" inch of the rod in anyway.

In hindsight, I only did this because I had already paid for the new visors from the UK and returning them wasn’t going to be easy or cheap.

Bob, did you hammer the rod in for the last 1/2 inch? I had tried a drill but only went in about an inch. The only close bit I could find was about .15 thousandth’s larger than the chrome visor rod so it would not be tight enough. Crazy. You think if they make them they should be able to fit somehow.

I had to use my friendly persuader, also known as a rubber mallet. I did it as carefully as I could, so as not to break the chrome fitting. Good luck!