Installing XJ6 larger headlights, wiring?

Back to working on the XJ6, 1977 with 1993 LT1.

I am replacing the small headlights with larger set I purchased from Australia. The set is complete with bulbs and wiring. There is an extra wire on the Australia set, what is it for?
Mine has 3 wires, blue with red stripe for light, blue with white stripe for high beam and black for ground.
The Australian set has the same wires plus a red one…
My Haynes manual does not show this red wire.
Know what its for?

Does the Australian kit include sealed beams ? Are they three prong ala USA?

Sockets in the kit? three slot or four?

I do not recall an reason for different wires and sockets. use the ones in the car. 7" USA sealed beams and you are in business.

This type kit provides the needed larger buckets and bezels…

I began such a project. Abandoned in favor f a fresh set of USA sealed beams. The 5 1/4" not an issue to me…

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Are they going to dip in the correct direction?

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The extra wire is probably for a “city light.” I’m jealous! See thread below.

Took them apart. They have the 3 prong plug. Not sealed beam but halogen bulbs. The red wire does go to a small socket in the side of the light holder, but there is no bulb installed. Is “city lights” like are parking lights?

Sorta. Probably a stronger bulb. and white not yellow. provide some illumination, but not glare.

Kind slick. Not legal in CA.

That’s a parking light. Those reflectors come with the facility but are usually blanked off. If they’re for the middle they are long range ‘driving’ lights so don’t dip. If they’re fluted ie for dipping to left or right or have a park facility they are the wrong lights for the middle.

Which comes back to my question are they going to dip the correct direction?

No way of knowing without seeing them. Some vendors here sell for either left or right HD.

Regardless, if they’re in the middle they should not dip and unless are 3 pin sealed beams should be two pin H1 halogens. All depending on local laws of course.

Here they are installed. I have nothing connected to the red wires, since they did not come with sockets or bulbs. The hole for the city light is facing down at 6 oclock position from the center of the halogen bulb/socket.

All I see are holes… =)

Edit, whoops sorry, I thought you were talking about the inners. And from the pic it looks like they are for RHD, ie if you drive on the left they won’t blind oncoming drivers.

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In that case there’ll be some irate oncoming drivers flipping the bird. They’ll be H4’s in which case if you turn the globes sideways you can get away with it.

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