Instrument Panel Bracket for XK120 OTS

(Randy Brand) #1

I have lost the brackets that hold the wooden Instrument panel to the metal dash. This is part #BD4490 in SNG Barratt. Small flat bar with three small holes for wood screws and two 1/4 UNF studs to attach to the metal dash. Not too terribly hard to make, but if I had some measurements to go from I would be more comfortable doing so. Does anyone know the correct measurements?

(Iain) #2

The plate is nominally 4” x 5/8””
Screw holes are 3/16” diameter, countersunk, middle hole is central and others centred 1 3/4”
Studs are 1/4” UNF x 1/2” long, 1 1/4” from centre hole.
I’ve taken a photo but I’m not sure how to send it to you.

(Iain) #3

The plate is 1/8” thick

(Terry McGrath) #4

this piece whilst similar is different on the 120FHC/DHC
XK120 Explored refers to part as part number BD3286

(Rob Reilly) #5

Alloy 120 OTS uses BD.3267 L.H. and BD.3268 R.H. Bracket Assembly Supporting Facia Board and BD.3284 Fixing Stud (2) for Instrument Panel. There are (8) 1/4" hex head screws with washers and nuts.

Steel OTS uses BD.4490 Plate (2) Fixing Instrument Panel with 6 wood screws and 4 hex head screws with washers and nuts.

FHC and DHC use BD.6472 Plate (2) Fixing Instrument Board also with 6 wood screws and 4 hex head screws with washers and nuts.

However, my early FHC has no wood screws that I can see. I see the 4 hex head screws with nuts holding the parallelogram brackets, and I also see 4 hex heads going through a plywood panel into a wood gusset with a steel plate in there, probably tapped 1/4BSF. Maybe the wood screws are holding that plate to the gusset?

(Terry McGrath) #6

yes the wood screws hold steel plates BD6472 to back of solid timber triangle sides on either end of dash and have threaded holes in them for the bolts to thread into