Instrument panel for 97 jag xj6

(Joan E. Walden) #1

My deceased husband bought the car in 2012 with 92,000 miles. Instrument panel lights began flashing in 2018… Took care to shop for repair of what I was told an alternator. Drove off the lot and the lights began to flash again. Will a new panel solve my problems you think? I only have 115,000 miles.

(Aristides Balanos) #2

Dear Joan,

Your car is an XJ6 indeed, but the 1997 model was code-named as an X300.
There is a special X300 category on the forum, they will be able to help you.


(Doug Dwyer) #3

You have one or more ignition coils failing. Common issue with the “X300” series of XJ6.

As mentioned, visit the “X300” section for better results


(Joan E. Walden) #4

Does this mean the death of my car?

(Aristides Balanos) #5

No no !
It’s actually quite a simple fix !
Talk to the specialists over to the X300 section, they will guide you much better, our cars are quite different and from an other era.
It’s always better know what’s wrong before you take it to your mechanic, so you don’t start paying thousands for nothing…

(Doug Dwyer) #6


But you’ll have to replace at least one coil, possibly more. And it’s essential to get the correct coils for a long lasting repair…as many brand-x replacements don’t last very long

Lots of searchable info in the “X300” archives


(Robin O'Connor) #7

Joan, can you explain in more detail what light(s) are flashing on the dash? This will help in further discussions. And these cars are very solid, my brother had a ‘96 that went to 333xxx kilometers before he upgraded, and it was still going strong, just the paint was below his standards :slight_smile:

(David Jauch) #8

Joan, I moved your topic to the X300 section. You can also search that section by including #x300 in the search.

If it turns out to be one or more ignition coils it is not too hard to repair and shouldn’t be too costly either. Listing the lights flashing might be of advantage anyways; my first guess would have been alternator from your description but that wasn’t it and Doug is probably correct, as usual.
The panel is fine and the car will be.

(Doug Dwyer) #9

You’re correct in asking for further details as the problem might be different than what I’m thinking of.

The common failure situation I’ve mentioned results in the instrument panel warning lights blinking wildly while driving, often accompanied by the gauge needles swinging crazily. Engine roughness may or may not occur.


(motorcarman) #10

Where are you located? Maybe we can guide you to a specialist in your area or recommend someone?