Intake Manifold aspect

Hi there,
I would like to get a better aspect from the 2 intake manifolds from my v12.

What about painting ? Which paint suits the best for a such kind of parts?
Paint or any other solution.

Eastwood Aluminum paint.

I went a little overboard and had the lot blasted and powder coated.
Mine are black but you can have almost any color you like.

I gave mines a good clean, then finished with brass rotative brush on a drill
they came back silver without being too shine, as if you use steel brush
I 'll look for pictures

You may want to check out posts from @JamesLove for a guide to painting your engine. Warning, you need to like pink!


I used a high temperature aluminum colored engine paint on the intake manifolds when I restored the engine bay of my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible a few years ago. It still looks amazing, although the very shiny look that it initially had has dulled a little bit making it look closer to what it probably looked like new.


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here’s a picture of the result :


If you want to spent countless hours, get really dirty and tired, nothing beats high polished aluminium…

To me, glass bead blasted is perfection. But not original. Wire brush is hard to get perfect in the corners, but aluminum spray looks good, is easy and holds up… I did my cylinder head and the result is convincing.

There’s another process that’s becoming common called vapor honing. A local guy offers it, and it’s not expensive. Its blasting like David suggests, but apparently micro -peens over the pores and makes it much less prone to getting dirty again. Haven’t tried it but I will use it on all aluminum casting of my next MG restoration.