Intake Manifolds

Are the early intake manifolds and the later ones with the plaque on them interchangeable? I found a local parts car with the nicer looking manifolds for a great price.

Also, this car has pre facelift bumpers but facelift everything else, I’m guessing it is early 1990’s are there any parts like intakes or throttle bodies that would be beneficial to take for my 87?

Most likely they will fit, grab all you can get off the machine, that look familiar to you. The body panels are Ford re-enginering, but you might want to look at the IRS for outbord brake system, rather than what you have now. The door sill plates are a nice addition, maybe a later/lighter AC compressor might be worth the effort along with the windshield wiper set up. An extra fuel tank is always nice to have, the fuel pump is most likely inside the tank as opposed to yours, tank may be worth the effort for a spare.Sound system and CD player in trunk? Wheels if decent for a different look…spare engine parts, etc.Best, JW

Kirby should be along for more advice.

The sound system and CD player is a good call, does the faceplate fit in my dash?

Also, does the hood fit or does I require all the front end to be changed as well? I really like the look of the humped hood

Body panels for the later car most likely have some dimension changes but for the right price, I would try it. Louvre it from the bottom side at the back and remove the rubber dam/seal at the rad. on your machine to encourage more flow inside the engine bay. Spare parts from the machine are always being consumed in one way or another. Face plate??? instrument panel???je ne sais pas, but some one might need one some day. They aren’t building these things any more and the after market doesn’t meet all of the needs for good spares. How is the interior Connoly leather?? Tat is always a resaleable item…heated seat units, electric mirrors…Teves ABS pump if low milage might be worth a try, etc. All exterior plastic lenses, etc. Think about the condition of the parts, are they really decent? if so bagem… all saleable Jaguar parts for a great machine. Best, JW