Intake ?Plus Torque

Kirby gives a clue that the newer V12 manifolds may have the tuned length tracks as standard- achieving what Roger Bywater did with the ‘plus torque’ modification

Can anyone confirm or refute?

I’m wondering about this myself.

No thery don’t.
I have a set from 1992-4 with the low impedance injectors and another from 1995-96 with the high impedance injectors and neither has this feature inside. The only difference between them is in the PCV plumbing connections, which is more substantial on the 1995-96 manifolds and that their ends had different fittings.
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I said that? Hmmm. I recall hearing that the 6.0 had larger intake tracts than the 5.3, but not that they had the internal air horns and length adjustments that Bywater offered.