Interchangeabilty wiper motor

(Ian Irving) #1

The motor on my wipers doesn’t self park the problem seeming to stem from the side mounted cam operated switch. I’ve taken it off to try to figure out how it works I cleaned out a whole load of dirt but it seem unserviceable being riveted together. According to the parts manual it is not supplied separately and checks on eBay etc have turned up nothing. I can find the switch units for series 3 motors which looks almost the same but fix to the motor with a clip rather than screws so can’t be used on my motor. I also tried to find a replacement series 1 motor but no luck.
Will a series 3 motor fit the series 1 cars? They seem much easier to find.
If not does anyone have a series one motor they’d like to sell ? Failing that, any other ideas?
My indicators also do not self cancel, should they and if so how does the mechanism work? I can’t feel or hear any mechanism operating when I turn the wheel to make it cancel., The switch seems fine and very positive. ANy advice welcom.


(David Jauch) #2

They‘ll probably have different connections: is the S1 reverse park? I know the switch is different. They were mass-produced motors so I‘d look at the minis, rovers, austins, and so on. Lucas might have equipped them with the same stuff. Or I‘d hack the switch mechanism given that it isn’t as integrated as the S3 solution?

(Robin O'Connor) #3

The S11 is a reverse park so I would imagine the S1 should be as well.
Non of the other cars mentioned were the same operation from memory.
If it isn’t working then to my mind there’s nothing lost in drilling out the rivets to have a look to see if it can be repaired.

(Robert Wilkinson) #4

Yes, reverse park. There was a recent thread that may be of interest, Ian:

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(Frank Andersen) #5

Be aware that the dash switch reverses the motor direction when switched to ‘off’, Ian - which is essential for self parking…

Rotating in the ‘wiping’ direction, the switch is bypassed - the respective brushes has power and ground directly from the dash switch. Turned to ‘off’ the dash switch provides power to the motor, while the cam operated switch provides ground to complete the sweep. Reaching park position the cam switch breaks ground and applies 12V to that brush instead - and the motor stops…

On later versions; ‘intermittent’ wiping was added. This was effected by the stalk switch with an extra, intermittent, position - and some rewiring. In this position the motor again rotates in the ‘opposite’ direction, and functions as the old set-up.

But a delay unit is added, which combined with the cam switch on the motor, provides a brief ground, long enough to turn the motor enough to move ‘off the cam’. And the motor cam takes over to park the wipers. And the cycle is repeated.

There is no change for the motor itself - the motors and cam switch function the same in early and later versions. However, the ‘intermittent’ function requires a different dash/stalk switch and extra wiring.

But the gist is that using the original wiring set-up - a later motor should work just fine.

When checking the cam connections; you should have ground when ‘off’ cam. Basically, if the cam switch does not provide ground or there is no power from the dash/stalk switch - the motor simply stops running.

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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(Nick Johannessen) #6

I fitted a S3 wiper motor to my S1 about 20 years ago. No problem, though you need to fit the spindles and wiper arms from the S3 as well. The upgrade is that the S3 has a much more decisive sweeping action, whereas the S1 was dubbed the “St Vitus dance” even when new.

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(Robert Laughton) #7

I used a S2 motor in a S1. The S2 motor had connection plug for intermittent, but was simply not used.


(Ian Irving) #8

Thanks for the advice I think I can easily find a series 2 motor so will set about looking.