Interchangeable Parts

I am new here. Does anyone know about interchangeability of parts between 1993 & 1997 XJ6 ? I have an opportunity to purchase a 1997 parts car & do not know what parts are interchangeable with my 1993 XJ6 Sovereign. I am particularly interested in the suspension parts. Also, both have the sport shift & in-line 6 motor, ( would the heads be interchangeable ? I am having the head gasket done, car is in shop now, wondering if there is any problem with the 1993 head, is the 1997 interchangeable ? Thanks.

Hi Derek and welcome.

I moved your post over to the XJ40 forum, you will get much more help over there.

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Not much of the 97 will suit your 93. Suspension in rear is very different, not sure about front. Engine different too. A 94 and earlier would be ok but 94’s will also differ suspension-wise in rear suspension arrangement but if you changed everything back there you would be ok.

Best to search for XJ40 components by VIN not XJ6.
this is the parts catalog: