Interesting coupe conversion

Saw this on another automotive blog…


Although some might find this car pretty, I can personally only feel sorry for this poor old cat…

But then again, I never have been a fan of projects of this kind.
An Oldsmobile V8…really?
But I am a purist. For someone who actually likes this, I guess it’ll be a fine car, once sorted out…


It’s hideous. Will sell for $1k on a lark to a fool, or just get scrapped. Destroyed garbage.


Wonder if there is a reason for there not being a single proper side view photo?

To my eyes, truly awful, with apologies to whoever owns this car of course!

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At one time, a cottage industry existed converting one Cadillac four door model to a coupe. Actually not bad, reduced wheel base a key.

That seem the method applied here. why not illustrated? Cause the symetry is awful…

Some OlDS engines are great. others not so much.

I have my doubts that the car is CA SMOG legal. Carb engine in an EFI car… j

The wheels are really nice …

Maybe the owner wanted to store a motorbike with a Jag in a standard sized garage?

Or there was serious rust damage over just 50 inches of the floorpan?



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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Looks like a four door converted to look like a coupe … badly.
Each to his own, I suppose.
Still looks better or different than most modern cars though… just…

I think you are referring to the Seville which came out in ‘76 model year. There were a few companies that chopped these up.

Cedric Chew

If you scroll through the photos there’s a side on view, its awful :face_vomiting: and it also shows a six door version as well.

Haha good comments all. Yes, the S3 XJ6 is PERFECTION. Don’t mess with it.

There, that’s better.

Well, could use the correct size outboard headlights.

True but that’s about No. 243 on the list of things it needs.

Yes, I saw that, but the seller had conspicuously avoided the single relevant angle in the series of photos taken hoping to sell the jalopy.

I wonder if this was a labour of misguided love - or deliberate hate…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I was very close by yesterday picking up a road test XF. I plan to go back Saturday when I drop the car off. I sill take the X-rated profile shot if it doesn’t burn out my camera CCD.

Perhaps it would be kinder to call it misguided love…?


Indeed, thanks. Seville, that is it!!! At one time I fancied getting one, unaltered. But, disenhanted when I learned it shared a lot with Chevrolet. And had a troublesome EFI!!!

Cadilac at work diluted it’s Badge reputation…

Not near the class of the 41 Cadillac convertible that I got at a lien sale in 58. Far from pristine, but ran and drove with distinction. Confiscated from a pair of bank robbers using it as a getaway car!!!

My dear departed was delighted with her pink Cadillac. Actually more like a salmon color, but faded, badly…

Hi Carl,

I knew it was on the tip of your tongue!

I digress, but it was the Seville that got me into cars as a young teenager. My parents got one in '78 or so and it made quite an impression on me with its black exterior and red velour interior. It got many compliments in El Paso.

So, it was mainly Cadillacs that got me excited for a while, until I “rediscovered” the E-type that my dad got new in '64, pre-dating my birth. I remember riding in it many times as a young child. It had been left forgotten in the garage some time before we got the Seville, buried deep under all the junk piled up on top of it.

The E-type is now getting the attention it deserves, but I wouldn’t mind finding a nice first generation Seville to add to my collection.


El Paso, my home town. We covered that before…

I am a TWC graduate, now UTEP!! !!!

Returned in 55 after army tour, Worked there til 57.

Greed and ambition took us to California.

Retired in 2005 after 50 years in insurance claims…