Interesting document Mark V Touring kit

Yes, very interesting. Especially the hand written note in the left margin, C2819 being the correct bypass hose for Mark V thermostat, where C526 is the equivalent hose for Mark IV.
All this stuff would have come in a long box with a label entitled Touring Kit and listing them. It is not in the parts catalogue, but was described in Service Bulletin 122A dated April 1953 as part number SD1021 for the 2.5 Litre and SD1022 for the 3.5 Litre.
I have been looking for a picture of this carton with the label, so far unsuccessfully.
What is this document? It looks like a bill charged by the Vienna dealer Koch to a customer named Colonel Macon at a Vienna hotel. Was he US military and shipping his car back to the US after his tour of duty?

Here is a partial image of a box which memory suggests to me is an example of the carton for the touring kit. This photo came from a recent ebay offering. I have seen an image of a continental touring kit box image previously, somehow about 10-15 years ago and Bob Brosen-era comes to mind. There is mention of one in Jan 24, 2010 xk-lovers archive.

See attached photos.

This is a Mark V MINOR REPLACEMENT OUTFIT box that I have in my collection.

And a close up of its label, detailing its contents - albeit most of mine are missing, or I have used elsewhere to complete a similar XK140 MRO that is now complete with all contents intact.

Note within the contents list - first item is Assy.309 - this is a set of gaskets enough to do a complete head overhaul, thus called “Decarbonising Joints” This set was sold separately as a spare-part in its own flat cardboard envelope, with its own label stuck on, and it is believed that an Assy.309 of the correct age/packaging would fit inside the lid of the MRO, and thus supplied that way. Later Assy.309 after the discontinuation of the Mark V MRO, were repackaged still sold through spare parts outlets, were larger and a more modern design label. By the time you got to XK140 MRO, all these decarbonising joints were supplied loosely within the MRO and not in its own card-envelope.
The next picture shows a correct period Assy.308 - which is for a 2-1/2 litre (sorry I don’t have an Assy.309 for 3-1/2 litre as was originally in my 3-1/2 litre Mark V MRO box.


The MK V bypass hose was different in that the water pump was further forward from the engine [ and water rail , than the Mk VI .
So one section of the complex hose needed to be longer

The correct ones are available for both cars.

Thanks Roger, more interest as I see it was supplied gratis, though I understand the customer was expected to return it after his journey and pay for any items used.

More interest in the bulbs supplied in the MRO and by Koch.
Bulb 189 was the first version twin filament bulb, used in the sidelights of cars with flashing turn signals rather than trafficators.
Bulb 353 was the second version and replaced 189 during the Mark V production run, after April 50 when my car was made but apparently before Koch typed out his bill in Oct 50.
These both were also used at the rear for tail and stop functions.
Colonel Macon wanted a 302 headlamp bulb and a 207 sidelamp single filament bulb, therefore we can conclude that his car was not USA spec, rather it had PF770s and trafficators.

Graham, do we know the identity of this car? Is it yours?

My understanding is all the MRO were supplied gratis, as part of buying your new Jaguar if deemed in a remote export market without ready access to a dealer and thus spare parts.
The GASKET sets, two levels - an abbreviated Decarbonising Set, and the more comprehensive Full Engine Overhaul set, were ready available to buy from your local Jaguar Dealer, but the Decarbonising Set was included within the gratis MRO.

The trouble is apparently many dealers liberated the MROs from new cars to be sold and just added them to their spare-parts holdings for retail spares sales. Thus presumably the rarity of MROs surviving, and the factory discontinuing them with XK140 and Mark VIIM .

The far more comprehensive CONTINENTAL TOURING KITS, supplied usually in a wooden box, apparently could be purchased outright, or more usually Hired for a rental fee, and on return additional payment for anything that had been used.


What is the evidence the Touring Kit Outfit or Minor Replacement Outfit was supplied by the factory with all new Mark V cars?

There is a current discussion in the XK forum on the Minor Replacement Outfit. I have not located a part number callout in the Mark V Spare Parts Catalogue (either edition) which suggests, but does not prove, it was not supplied with all new Mark V cars. And, for example, The Mark V model Operating and Maintenance Handbook seems likely supplied with all new Mark V cars but I also don’t find it listed in the Spare Parts Catalogue.

Rob remarks above there is a 1953 service bulletin listing Touring Kit part numbers. Is there some print material that indicated the kits were supplied with all new Mark V cars? Is there a photograph of one car at delivery which shows a kit, that would indicate at least one car had it, perhaps at request of owner at delivery? What evidence is available?

I believe the generally accepted view was that these MROs were supplied only with EXPORT market Mark V, to markets where there was minimal readily available spare parts support for the new car owner… They were not supplied with UK, home market cars, nor probably Europe where their was a high density Dealership/Spare Parts availability. So USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Asian cars were ‘intended’ to get them, albeit there is a long held belief that in USA many dealerships ‘robbed’ many, but not all, new cars, and kept the MROs as additional spare parts for them to sell…
They were not offered for Sale, thus do not appear in the Spare Parts Catalogue nor any period price lists… Note the sub-heading on the 3-1/2 litre Mark V MRO label as shown below… SUPPLIED GRATIS

The reality that very few MROs survive (Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VII, XK120, XK140, being found in as far as I am aware Australia, NZ and USA supports the above ‘accepted view’, but if you want hard factory documented proof, apart from the SUPPLIED GRATIS heading, I am not aware of anything more…

Interestingly, none of the other MROs that I am aware of have this same SUPPLIED GRATIS heading - maybe this was at a time trying to educate the new owners that this kit was for free, and not to pay extra for it… - see also Mark IV label…
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