Interesting XK special bodied car

this was on facebook…

as a Decatoire coup…said 120…but has large bumpers…interesting look…was it a one off?


Looks more like a 140 to me. But Olivier Decatoire used all Jaguar models for his conversions…

Bob K.

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This is photoshop, not a real car.
You can tell from the fence behind the 2 guy’s on the right, and the mirroring on the side of the car.


I agree the background is clearly Photoshopped, but it isn’t so clear that the car itself is.

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A search of Decatoire finds many distorted images of Jaguars and other classic cars, proving once again that anyone with computer skills can claim to be an artist, but nobody can top William Lyons.


The rear three-quarter view is impressive, too… it seems to have grown slats, and lost the rear window.

If this is photoshop, it’s well done. If it’s genuine sculpture/design, it’s very well done.



Put me down as a 100% chance that car’s been (badly) Photoshopped.

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Yes, I could have photoshopped that 1st photo 100x better. :slight_smile:

Roger, would you like to share more info on that custom body in this thread in the Lounge?


I have no more info, just a simple Google images search!

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Not bad at all (if you accept specials). Looks like an early XK 150 FHC that has been modified from the rear window down to the rear bumper. Interesting.

Bob K.

Someone got carried away on their photoshoping replication and didn’t notice the replicated partial tree, and the multiple railing top rails in that same area.


Good catch!

I’m positive that the ogrefied 140 is a fakey do, but the modded 150 may be real.

EDIT: it appears to be so! IMHO, an improvement to the 150.

Emulating a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta from the late 50’s, wonder if it was ever finished? Well proportioned and rusted! It may have a rear window but just covered in bondo dust.


Do you own this car?

I’ve always wondered what an XK Coupe would look like with a long, sloped back end. I like it!

hi work in progres for the body and the hardtop …br olivier decatoire


I’ll take that as a yes… :slight_smile:

How is that addition constructed: metal or fiberglass?

Hard top…it s not fhc br olivier