Interior air fan

Guys, my interior air fan makes a shrill noise … only after a few minutes does the noise stop, then if I send it to the maximum it starts again and does not stop. I wanted to open to clean maybe there is something inside, but I don’t know where to access.

Max …

Your car has two climate control fans, one under each side of the dash.

Each fan is encased in a box which is called the blower assembly. Unfortunately these assemblies are very difficult to get to for removal. Because there are no air filters in the system the fan motors are subject to all the nasty things in the air that passes by them. The good news is that the motors are very reliable and a little drop of oil at the bearings normally cures any squeals. Of course the bad news is getting to them,

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Where Can I find some instructions to make lubrification…

Max …

As I mentioned the only way I know of to lubricate the electric fan motor is to remove the fan assembly and take it apart to get to the motor.

This is a MAJOR job because the units are tucked way up under the dash and the only way to remove them is from underneath. It certainly is a do it yourself job but there is a lot involved.

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maybe try and figure out which side is squeaking?

Coming from Driver part…

On my RHD that was the worse of the two to R & R there must be a write up in the archives somewhere because its been done many times by quite a few people.

I found LHD drivers side the easiest on my 94