Interior back seat lights on convertible both out...1989 5.3

Worked on and repaired the sync of rear back windows. Pulled motors and slides, cleaned motors, lubricated gears and everything I could find and the windows now are in-sync.
Now, I find the back interior lights are both out. Chequed all fuses especially the 5 amp fuse on passenger side which control interior lights…ok. Bulbs are ok as well. Wonder if spraying around the area of the back windows shorted out something? Puddle light and front interior lights work well.
Please help.

Hello Rich - when you use your volt meter, do you have good volts feeding the light sockets? - if yes, then check to see if you have good grounds for the lights - go back and check to see if wires for the lights got disconnected when you were working on the rear windows.


Great idea…too simple…will do.

Thanks, Rich

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Those fixtures have a tendency to crumble at the connector.
Not easy to spot unless you look close.

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GOOD NEWS…Thanks Tex, you were correct. While working on the back windows, which by the way work in sync, I did disrupt the ground and now they are connected and work properly.
Lot of work done in the past two weeks, fixed fuel tank gauge, removed, spliced, and now functional…the speedometer cable, the 1/4 windows, and down tracing down a shorter the interior back lights.

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