Interior Color Confusion

Just noticed something rather odd about Superblack’s interior colors. According to the trim code on the driver’s door edge, she is “LEG” = warm charcoal (black). My original Supercat ('94 black/black 4.0 coupe) also had this interior trim code, but ALL of her interior was black, e.g. leather, vinyl, carpeting, floor mats, headliner, plastic bits (with the exception of the trunk/boot carpeting), etc., IIRC. Same for my former '96 X-300 and '00 XJ8 with that code. Superblack, by contrast, only her leather/vinyl trimmings are black. The carpeting, floor mats, headliner, and plastic bits are more of a medium gray color. :confused: Of course, it’s possible that all these items have somehow faded over the past 27 years, although that would seem to be extremely unlikely as to ALL of them. Also very unlikely the PO would have switched out the colors for those pieces. So what gives? Did Jag use a 2-color interior color scheme with the '92 face-lifts?